GWD7630: Experimental Interaction
Use creative code as a tool to design a product, brand, or service that directly protests a wicked problem.
Use creative code as a medium to create a final product; use creative code as a replacement for a traditional media/software you would otherwise have used; rapidly prototype a product, brand, or service.
Design thinking; design as protest; code as a design medium; p5.js; generative art; design skills, including typography, color, and design principles; rapid realistic prototyping; traditional design software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, etc.); logo and identity design.
Project Schedule
Week 1
Consume rich media and respond
Propose a brand/product/service
Proof of concept + wire up
Week 2
Iterate and troubleshoot
Submit Draft 1
Week 3
Iterate and troubleshoot
Critique (in a synchronous meeting on Google Meet)
Submit the Final Draft

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