3D design work by University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall 2022 Art 102: Two-Dimensional Design students

Art 102
TA-IS: Tamara McLean
Course Description
Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of two-dimensional design. Develop a clear understanding of visual communication through problem-solving and formal and conceptual experimentation. Learn the elements and principles of design and manipulate those using analog and digital processes. Introduction to the Adobe Creative Suite of products, including InDesign, Illustrator, and (to a lesser degree) Photoshop. Serves as an introduction to professional presentation skills and techniques to hone craftsmanship. 
Learning Outcomes
Elements of art (such as color, shape, line, texture, form, etc.)
Principles of design/principles of composition (visual hierarchy, layers, transparency, unity/harmony & rhythm, balance, contrast)
Basic color theory in works of art and design for effective visual communication.
Conduct research to generate multiple solutions to design problems and to inform artistic decisions.
Refine creative problem-solving and technical skills in digital (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop)
Analyze and critique work based on visual language, design, and content.
Cultivate visual literacy skills to become astute, sophisticated “readers” of our culture’s text and image messaging.
Explore 2D design within its historical and contemporary contexts through readings, research, artist presentations, and/or discussion.

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