The vision of Freedom House is to provide shelter so all families are safe and warm—ending homelessness in Northeastern Wisconsin.
DePere Art Center LLC envisioned a bright and welcoming environment where families could find support while working toward financial independence. 
The objective of this assignment was to create way-finding signs and environmental graphics that guided visitors, staff, and residents while communicating Freedom House’s authentic story as a valued resource for the homeless population in our community.
Development included an updated logo identity, typography, color selection, and supporting elements such as illustrations and photography included in a brand standards guide. Symbols of rejuvenation, metamorphoses, and rebirth, such as butterflies, complement the design elements.
Additional projects included website updates, stationery, rack card, and note card designs.
The Team
Client: Jessica Diederich, President of Freedom House Ministries, Inc.
Creative Director: Tamara McLean, De Pere Art Center
Production & Installation: Wild Blue Technologies
Freedom House Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian-based non-profit organization. Freedom House provides shelter, food, clothing, household goods, classes, and case management support to families struggling with homelessness. Freedom House is the only homeless shelter in the Green Bay area that provides services exclusively to homeless families–serving single fathers, single mothers, and couples with children.
Entry Welcome, Together Residence Dorm, Fishy Children's Playroom Custom Wallpaper Murals
Volunteer Lounge Mission and Value Statements
Framed Inspirational Art
Wellness Center & Mulva Market Window Vinyl
Way-finding & Signing
Donor Recognition Displays
Design Process
Define the Objective
Categorize/Synthesize/Research Content
Idea Development
Schematic Design Development
Production/Art Set-Up
Final Review/Analysis/Approval
Personality | Attitudes | Values | Interests | Lifestyles
Based on research, unique images, and messaging have been curated in each part of the building. The volunteer areas remind community members of the power of their involvement to help solve the challenge of poverty and homelessness in our community.
In public spaces, messages are inspirational and encourage strength and individual growth.
A welcoming and inspirational environment for residents, staff, and volunteers.
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