Typography Design in Context
Design and illustrate typography throughout the magazine, including masthead, callouts, headlines, subheads, body copy, and page numbers. The goal was to create interest and focus while maintaining an established typography design system with attention to hierarchy.
Cookie Magazine is a fun and vibrant magazine concept for cookie connoisseurs of all ages.
Maintaining a consistent hierarchy and typography sizes throughout the magazine where space was limited.
Magazine layout and design, best practices, award-winning projects, food magazines, recognized magazine designers and publications, food publications, bakery publications, food photography, food illustration, and designers specializing in the food category, specifically those who excel in the dessert and bakery categories.
Online resources
Apple News, Communication Arts, Google, Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble
In-Store visits
Barnes and Nobel and Target.
Gestalt Principles, word lists, mind maps, SWOT Analysis, moodboard. Thumbnail and refined drawings of elements, symbols, and composition.

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