The Team
Client: Golden House Charity
Creative Director: Tamara McLean, De Pere Art Center
Production: Wild Blue Technologies 
Golden House is a comprehensive domestic violence program serving victims in Brown County. As a private non-profit founded in 1979, we respond to the needs of victims and educate our community on the prevalence, effects, and prevention of domestic abuse.
With integrity, we help all victims find their path to a life free of physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

Building mutual trust with victims and understanding that every story is unique and deeply personal, we believe that an individual is the best person to make decisions for their family.

Through trauma-informed practices and strength-based advocacy, we build relationships with survivors helping them find the strength they need to lead lives free of abuse.

With other community agencies, we work to build a community knowledgeable and responsive to the trauma and needs domestic abuse victims to face in their healing journey.
This behind-the-scenes video series was created as part of a larger public awareness print campaign. The individuals in the spots are all deeply involved with Golden House and personally touched by domestic violence. 
Concept Ideation
Photography Art Direction
Design Process
Define the Objective
Categorize/Synthesize/Research Content
Idea Development
Schematic Design Development
Production/Art Set-Up
Final Review/Analysis/Approval
The result of this public awareness campaign was an increase in calls to Golden House, allowing the organization to assist many more community members that were in need of their services. 

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